Our Stories

Backpack Plus Family Resources is the brainchild of two working moms and their families in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We realized that remote learning without the normal academic support wasn't enough, and like many parents, struggled to find the resources to support the needs of our children.

The Lewis Family

Janaka Bowman Lewis, Ph.D. (Educational Consultant) and Daryl Lewis, Ed.D. (BP+ Curriculum Coordinator) met in college (Go Duke!) and have worked together at two of the same universities, including UNC Charlotte, where they both hold current teaching/advising appointments (Daryl as university liaison to the Charlotte Engineering Early College as well). In addition to sharing a passion for student success, they are both very active in their children's elementary educational careers. Daryl was most recently a founder and coach for the award-winning Carl A. Furr Robotics Team. Janaka is also author of three children's books.

The Chisolm Family

Jennifer Chisolm and Leon Chisolm, III met at Hampton University and have both become distinguished business professionals in their relative industries. Both hold MBA degrees from Hampton University and support a number of educational causes throughout North Carolina. Furthermore, they're equally engaged and active in their own children's academic success.