Backpack Plus Family Resources matches K-12 and college-ready students with educational service providers to meet students' needs. Our service providers offer tutoring, general learning assistance, specialized courses, and other services. A joint family and educator owned business, we have a passion for helping families get the educational resources to help their young scholars thrive in any environment.

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The Process

    • Step One: Family enrolls with Backpack Plus by completing the intake form and paying the $50 enrollment fee. The intake form is vital to the success of the match to ensure you're highlighting all resources needed.

    • Step Two: After enrollment is confirmed, a Backpack Plus consultant will sort our database by zip code, educational experience, and other criteria (ie, virtual learning) to create a tailored list of candidates or resources for you to review.

    • Step Three: Families will choose best matched provider (s) and BP+ will set up an interview for potential providers through a virtual meeting or conference call.

    • Step Four: Backpack Plus will complete the background check, employment contract and any necessary liability waivers. Once completed the families and service providers begin their one on one journey to encourage the academic success of the scholars.

Families will set up 1x1 sessions and payment methods directly with the service provider. If assistance is needed, then a consultation with BP+ will be determined at that time.

We Match Educational Service Providers with Scholars in:

  • Tutoring

    • One-on-one or Group support for general and specific subjects

  • Learning assistance

    • Time management support, academic homework and project support, prioritization of student's daily schedule

  • Customized Course Development

  • Other Services

    • Specialized Academic Referrals (College Preparation, etc.)

    • Virtual Learning Opportunities

    • Age-appropriate Social and Gaming (*chosen by kids, moderated by adults)

Sponsorships for Scholars

Backpack Plus Family Resources is dedicated to helping families in need of additional educational resources. Our company actively seeks out sponsorships from individuals and community resources to help families in need of assistance.

Please contact us if you would like to provide a sponsorship or simply click on the link below, add your amount, and notate "sponsorship" in the comment section.

For families in need of sponsorship please fill out the Family Intake Link form below and send us an email notating your sponsorship request.