Step One: ENROLL

Enroll with Backpack Plus via the intake form and let our team know your educational service needs. Afterwards BP+ will contact you to confirm needs.

Services available are:

  • Tutoring

  • Learning assistance, i.e. time management, homework support

  • Specialized referrals, i.e. languages

  • Customized course development

***All service providers contracted for the above services set their own rates.***


Once BP+ and the family confirm needs and availability, the family is then billed the enrollment fee of $50 to start the process.

Enrollment Fee includes:

  • Service referral i.e. service provider

  • Initial match background check

  • Employment contracts and/or liability waivers

  • Priority family programming registration i.e. creative arts, literacy activities, youth investing tips.

Step Three: MATCH

BP+ matches our families with ideal provider(s) based on their needs.

Once a provider (s) is selected, our team will set up an initial virtual interview between the family and service provider to ensure alignment of the match.

Considerations in the match:

  • Desired service including subject or language focus

  • Location of scholar, school district, and provider (zip code match)

  • Wage of providers plus budget of family

  • Assistance style: in-person* or virtual

*In-person services are provided as long as there are service providers willing and able. City designated "safe spaces" will be provided as in-person location options.


BP+ will then complete the background check, employment contract and any necessary liability waivers to share with the family for the selected provider. After clearance, the families and service providers begin their one on one journey to encourage the academic success of the scholars.

Families will set up 1x1 sessions and payment methods directly with the service provider. If assistance is needed, then a consultation with BP+ will be determined at that time.